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El Colegio en acción Sábados deportivos
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Colegio Palermo Chico
El Colegio en acción Sábados deportivos

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General - 1er y 3 er año

PET, FCE & Delf A2 exams

On Thursday April 20th Primary and Secondary School got together to celebrate the challenge last year’s 7th form and 3rd year faced: sitting international exams.

Both groups of students and their teachers worked really hard and, although each of them had a unique experience and, therefore, felt differently about the process that led to the exams, we all feel immensely proud of their effort, dedication and results.
Like 4th-year students claim, “the effort is (always) worth it”, “the process is just as important as the result” and “you can make school whatever you want by changing your mindset to a positive one.”

Stay open to learning. Work hard. Enjoy the process.

Congratulations on your PET certificates!
Congratulations on your FCE certification!
Félicitations pour avoir obtenu le diplôme Delf A2!